Ferritic Nitrocarburizing

Ferritic Nitrocarburizing is a specific heat treatment process that creates a hardened surface layer (white layer) with a subsequent diffusion zone for an intermediate hardness. This process can be achieved through both gaseous and salt bath medium. The hardened surface layer can be used for wear resistance, especially for parts that are in constant contact and sliding friction.

For other applications, where abrasive strength is required, special nitriding can be utilized to achieve as high as 65-70 HRC for certain alloys of steel. In this manner the hardened white layer is minimized.

An additional oxide layer can be achieved through steam treatment of the surface, which can additionally improve the salt spray resistance considerably.

We have developed a plethora of experience in deploying this heat treatment technology to our customers. We can help select and further develop this heat treatment as needed.


Surface Hardness up to 62 HRC, minimum distortion for FNC and upt 70 HRC for specialized nitriding in certain steels,

Infrastructure and Quality:

Testing equipment: micro-Vickers hardness testing, grinding + mounting and polishing equipment